Juicy Vinyasa Tuesdays @ Croi na nGaillimhe , Galway City Drop in ~ May

€ 13 

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Flow class. Four week block in May! Practice overlooking the river Corrib in the heart of Galway City.
May 8th - 29th
These classes will be energetic, lots of moving and flowing, FUN and creative sequences and poses with opportunities to try some more challenging yoga asanas with some funky beats to flow to. Always move at your own pace in a way that feels good for you.
Bring a mat and a blanket with you if you can.
Tuesday evenings 6.15-7.15pm
Booking is essential @ www.loveyoga.eu
Location - Croi na ngaillimhe Resource Centre, Mill St. Galway
Drop in €12 + €1 booking fee

Tai Chi Yoga on the beach ~ May 26th 11.30am Ladies beach, Salthill

€ 6 


Yoga by the sea ~ By Grattan beach, Salthill June 4th 12pm

€ 6 


Wed 4th July ~ Yoga for Gym Junkies & Athletes ~ Salthill, Galway

€ 18 

If you are going to the gym regularly, running a lot or playing sport this workshop is for you.
Incorporating some Yoga poses into your routine will help you to improves Flexibility, Balance and Strength.
It will help you to enjoy easier recovery periods, stress relief, and injury prevention.

 Wed July 4th 6.15pm - 7.30pm 

Devon Park Yoga, Salthill
€16 + €2 booking fee

Lets go Upside Down Workshop July 11th

€ 22 

Let`s go upside down! We will warm up with Sun Salutations and then work or play with Side planks , Wild Thing, Wheel pose, Shoulderstand, Plough pose, Handstand and Headstand. There will be modifications for all levels. A yoga inversion is basically any variation of a pose in which your upper body is either completely upside down or about 45 degrees upside down (like in downward dog) Improves circulation and heart health. The heart works as a pump to release oxygenated blood to the body and bring back de-oxygenated blood in order to be recycled. But the heart is constantly working against gravity. When we go upside down, the blood rushes towards the heart, to the upper body, rejuvenating circulation and giving the heart a break. Increases immunity. Our immune system is mostly regulated through the lymphatic system and central thymus gland. Strengthens the core. Because we are learning how to balance in a different way, we use different muscles. Many of these muscles are located in the core. We can’t just rely on our arms, hands and shoulders to hold us up when we invert–we need that fire of our solar plexus to help keep us balanced and strong! Workshop €20 ( + €2 online booking fee )

Slow Flow Yin & Meditation, Salthill May 23rd *Fully Booked*

€ 0 

Restorative ~ Mindful ~ Therapeutic ~Calm
These classes offer a slow quiet space to relax.
The opposite of our stressed, fast, busy lives. These classes are a combination of slow mindful vinyasa flow with longer, yin-inspired holds to create space and openness in your body, breath and mind. It is an intimate meditative approach with a focus on deep stretches, slow breathing and relaxation.The room will be warm, with plenty of props for maximum comfort and support.
~ Slow Flow ~Yin poses ~Breath / Meditation ~ Yoga therapy techniques
Six week course May 23rd - June 27th
Wednesday evenings 6.15-7.15pm
All Yoga Equipment provided
Booking essential @ www.loveyoga.eu
Cost €78
Location - Devon Park Yoga, 108 Devon Park Holistic Centre, Lower Salthill, Galway

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